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Customer Testimonials

  • 00 Contour- Troy
    "They were very helpful and nice. Great prices and cars."

  • 01 Mazda B4000- Gary
    "Brianna is the best!!!"

  • 03 Mercury Grand Marquis- Jessica
    "Amazing Everything!"

  • 00 Mazda B3000-Dustin
    "Great service, friendly, and very helpful!"

  • 04 Chevrolet Trailblazer-Jason
    "Very good customer service"

  • 07 Cadillac CTS- Jessica
    "Great service, great sales rep, great everything!"

  • 06 Nissan Altima- Armani
    "Thank you so much!"

  • 02 Honda Accord- Carter
    "Very good and quick service!"

  • 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee- Shane
    "Very friendly service"

  • 99 Lexus ES300- Christina
    "Excellent service!!"

  • 99 Honda Accord- Jennive
    "I have been more than pleased with the service I have been given today. I would definitely refer anyone looking for a vehicle to purchase or finance. Thank you for all the help and getting me into a reliable car that I am more than pleased to have!"

  • 98 Lincoln Town Car- Kenton

  • 01 Volkswagen Jetta- Daniel
    "Extremely helpful, nice car"

  • 02 Ford F-150- Kurtis
    "Everyone was very helpful, Omar was nice to deal with. I felt he was honest with me and he took care of me and honored everything he said he would."

  • 03 Ford Explorer- Kim
    "Experience was great!"

  • '11 Ford Focus- Heather
    "OMAR IS AMAZING! I will refer my friends and family! Super easy and quick!! ??"

  • 09 Nissan Altima- Crystal
    "Awesome experience! They made car buying a simple process. Showed me exactly what I needed and for a great price. Car is excellent quality!"

  • 01 Toyota Avalon- Linda
    "Bobby recommended you, Omar, and Dad, Antar, were very pleasant. Thank you!"

  • 91 Jeep Cherokee- Jessica
    "Friendly and honest, will refer them to anyone. Very trustworthy! If I ever decide to buy another Jeep I will definitely be back!!"

  • 04 Dodge Ram- Jason

  • 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee- Orina
    "Omar was awesome and very helpful! I would not go anywhere else :)!"

  • 05 Honda Civic- Jennifer

  • 00 Toyota 4Runner- Chris
    "Two thumbs up"

  • 05 Pontiac Sunfire-Ryan
    "I came in looking for a car, I got great service. Reasonable prices and extremely helpful mechanic. Five stars all day!" 

  • 02 Chevrolet Blazer- Katelyn
    "Everyone was very helpful, I am extremely satisfied with the vehicle!"

  • 02 BMW X5- Christina
    "Experience was excellent. Everyone was friendly and extremely helpful. Very smooth experience!"

  • 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee- Amanda
    "My friend has known this dealership for a while and she told me that they were great people. I came here and they were very helpful!" 

  • 04 Lincoln LS- Rebecca
    "Two thumbs up!" - Rebecca

  • 02 Hyundai Santa Fe- Kelsie
    "Omar was very helpful and guided me with my first car purchase ever! 10/10 would recommend!"- Kelsie Black

  • 04 Ford Explorer- Rosario
    "Sales person was very helpful and patient!" - Rosario

  • 04 Honda Odyssey- William
    "Very helpful guys there, from the salesmen to the mechanic! Awesome place!"- William Butler

  • 03 Nissan Altima- Sheila
    "The salesman was very helpful, showed me different options, was very friendly and worked with me very well. I would recommend anyone to go here and get a car!" -Sheila Mosley 

  • 06 Chrysler Pacifica- Kiara
    "My sales person, Omar, was awesome! Showed me the pros and cons of each vehicle, helped me narrow it down to the one that fits my family best! Thanks again!

  • 04 Ford Mustang- Pat and Phillip

  • 1999 Dodge Durango- Jessica and Matthew
    "I had an excellent time buying a car here!" -Jessica and Matthew

  • 2007 Kia Sportage LX - Rachel
    ""Everyone was so helpful! This is the only place my family and I will be buying cars from, from now on !!!!" - Rachel

  • 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis - Philip
    " Very affordable, easy process, I will come back here again. Just like they said, "EVERYONE IS APPROVED"" - Philip

  • 2007 Honda Civic- Brian
    "Two thumbs up"- Brian

  • 2010 Dodge Charger- Samuel
    "Two thumbs up!" - Samuel

  • 99 Honda Accord - Richard
    "Good service" - Richard 

  • 96 Nissan Truck- Edison
    "Thank you" -Edison

  • 97 Jeep Cherokee- Tandra
    "Omar was very helpful and honest. Car is clean and in excellent driving condition. Pricing is fair and did not feel gauged." - Tandra Knoepke

  • 99 Ford Explorer- Vincent and Alyssa
    "Omar was very knowledgeable and helpful, I would definitely recommend."

  • 03 Buick LeSabre- Jose

  • 02 Infiniti- Nadine
    " I am an excited customer!" - Nadine Dolezalek, Punta Gorda, FL

  • 01 Ford Expedition- Shawna
    "I had a very easy experience buying a vehicle through Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here. The staff is very easy going and caring!" -Shawna Hineline

  • 00 Volkswagen Jetta- David
    "Thumbs up!!" 

  • 97 Ford Explorer - Jessica
    "Brooke was extremely helpful and very efficient! Will definitely buy from her again!" -Jessica Denlinger 

  • 04 Nissan Maxima - Heather
    "Absolutely love my car and what a wonderful experience I've had!" - Heather Glover

  • 00 Ford Ranger - Matthew
    "Awesome Service!" - Matthew Thorpe

  • 97 Chevrolet S10- Greg
    "Great service, great people, good place to shop for your car." - Greg Garrison

  • 00 Buick Century- Josh
    "Personable sales associates, very helpful" -Josh Vuolo

  • 00 Chevrolet S-10- Christopher Payne
    "Purchasing 2nd vehicle was a trouble free and enjoyable experience! I highly recommend Omar and his staff for an excellent purchasing experience!"- Christopher Payne

  • 03 Mitsubishi Eclipse- Susan
    "Customer Service was excellent. Staff pleasant. Would definitely buy again from this company." - Susan 

  • 05 Ford Mustang- Wes
    "Thumbs up!!"- Wes

  • 00 Chrysler Sebring- Carla
    "Great car, great deal, great guys!"- Carla

  • 00 Chevrolet Blazer- Jason
    "Very good service!"- Jason, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 98 Mercury Tracer- Anita
    "Very respectful, nice people and salesman. Inexpensive cars."- Anita Sexton

  • 98 Mercury Grand Marquis- Kelly
    "Omar Rocks!" -Kelly

  • 92 Mercury Grand Marquis - Vincent
    "A fair deal on a good car." - Vincent Ciarcia, Port Charlotte, FL.

  • 00 Dodge Stratus- Barry
    "This has been a very nice experience so far and I look forward to doing it again! The future is brighter!"- Barry

  • 94 GMC Sonoma - Raymond
    "Very nice and honest sales experience so far.  I will definitely recommend friends and family once I take delivery after the following agreed repairs made." - Raymond Picerno, Blackwood NJ

  • 00 GMC Sonoma- Miguel
    "Good service, vehicles, and great prices."- Miguel 

  • 04 Honda Odyssey- Lori
    "Always a pleasure dealing with Omar at Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here. Will not go anywhere ELSE!"- Lori Cahill

  • 04 Dodge Intrepid- Ean
    "Great place to buy a car. Great people. They go the extra mile!" -Ean Weidner

  • 02 Chevrolet Blazer- Cheryl
    "Very friendly. Affordable place to buy cars and good prices. Such nice people." -Cheryl Davis

  • 96 Ford Ranger- Amy
    "Great Service! Had a great buying experience with PGBHPH!" -Amy Funderburk

  • 97 Ford E150- Paulo
    "Thumbs up" -Paulo Chain, Miami FL

  • 98 Ford expedition - Jessica
    "Smooth buying experience and very helpful staff." - Jessica Coddington, Punta Gorda, FL

  • 02 Toyota Corolla- Joseph
    "Everything was great, simple, and painless. Would recommend to friends."- Joseph Tollar

  • 97 Ford Expedition- Tabatha
    "It was real fast and easy, and Omar was very nice to me." - Tabatha, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 05 Chrysler Sebring- Chris
    "Great deal. In and out fast. Omar is the man!" -Chris, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 99 Nissan Maxima- Danielle
    "I stopped in on a Saturday afternoon and was able to test drive the vehicle. Staff was very helpful with assisting me with my purchase. Will refer people if I come across someone!" -Danielle Sharpe

  • 97 Honda Civic- John
    "I was looking for a car that was good on gas considering I drive 100 miles a day for work, and when I found this place I took a look at the selection and found it was in my price range. The service was excellent and Charlie and Omar were great people and helped me find something suitable for my needs. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a car/truck." -John, Port Charlotte 

  • 03 Hyundai Santa Fe- Rick
    "Two thumbs up!"- Rick Millhoupt, Englewood FL 

  • 01 Honda Accord- Darwin
    "Excellent service! Very friendly. I recommended a friend to come here." -Darwin Gomez, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 00 BMW 528i- Jeremy
    "Charlie was great. Very helpful and made choosing the vehicle very easy. He cleared up any problems we had and was pleasant to work with. We'd definitely suggest this dealer to anyone looking for a car!" -Jeremy Jackson, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 05 Honda Accord- Adriel
    "Omar is a good friend. I have known him for many years and I would recommend anyone to buy from him, he is fair and has great prices and quality cars. If you're looking for a good car and great price come see Omar he will make it happen." -Adriel Matzcoff, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 02 Chevrolet Trailblazer- Matthew
    "Bought a quality vehicle with very helpful staff. I would refer them to anyone."- Matthew Karr, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee- Morgan
    "I love this place!" -Morgan Taylor, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 99 Oldsmobile Aurora- Bruce
    "Omar will never do you wrong. He is the best at what he does and is the only one I will buy a car from!" -Bruce Harris, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 99 Mercury Grand Marquis- Royson
    "Two thumbs up!!" -Royson, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 97 Ford Explorer- Thomas
    ""Sales people and desk person very cooperative and nice" - Thomas Gall, Punta Gorda FL

  • 01 Mazda B3000- Dillon
    "I bought a little red truck from PG Buy Here, that thing runs like a champ. Also, everyone here is super nice and willing to help you out. I would advise coming to PG Buy Here!" - Dillon Grady, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 02 Chevrolet Camaro- Jeremy
    "Very helpful and was concerned with the customers." Jeremy, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 04 Dodge Intrepid- Brittany
    "Great service, very helpful. They were honest on vehicles to find best fit for me and my family. I will come back for future purchases." Brittany Mehlman, Sarasota FL

  • 95 Mercury Cougar- Dan
    "He helped me and everything worked out." -Dan Patlak

  • 05 Pontiac Sunfire- Ginny

    "When I called Omar on the phone and asked him 500 questions he was very patient and helpful and he was very friendly! SERVICE WITH A SMILE!!" - Gunny Harris


  • 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee-Marjory
    "You guys are very good!"- Marjory Sawyer, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 02 Jaguar S-type- Jill
    "Very courteous, not pushy!" -Jill Mac Isaac, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 00 Honda Accord- Tracey
    "Very helpful!!"- Tracey Hamilton, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 00 Ford Focus- Lora
    "Very helpful, enjoyed the service!!!"- Lora Boring, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 99 Jeep Cherokee- Jorge
    "Great Service!!!" -Jorge Torres, Cape Coral FL

  • 07 Honda Civic- Cory
    "Brianna was great & very friendly. She helped me pick out the perfect car for my fiance and I."- Cory Chandler, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 97 Mercury Sable- Angelita
    "Was happy!!!!" -Angelita Noonen, North Port FL 

  • 00 Chrysler Concorde- Brian
    "Good price, very friendly and helpful! Great customer service!"- Brian and Melissa Brumlop, Punta Gorda FL

  • 06 Honda Accord- Sandra
    "Great service. Good cars. Fast Service. Very nice employees!"- Sandra Santiago, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 00 Honda Accord- Lori
    "Great place to buy a car, easy to work with. This is the 5th car I've bought here!!"- Lori Cahill, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 00 Honda Civic- Victoria
    "Omar helped me out tremendously! Would definitely recommend! 10/10!!"- Victoria Strauss, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 98 Chrysler Concorde- Duran

    "The staff was friendly and very nice. Worked out a deal with my down payment and got me into a clean and very nice car!" - Duran Sherman, Port Charlotte FL 


  • 02 Chrysler Sebring- Michelle
    "Omar was terrific, best car purchase ever!"- Michelle Nahman and Gary Richards, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 96 Honda Civic Del Sol- Henry
    "Cheap Cars!!!"- Henry Lawson, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 03 Jaguar Stype- Lewis
    "Was treated very well. Left with a smile on my face!" - Lewis Brazell, North Port FL 

  • 87 Ford Escort- Nicole
    "Omar is an awesome man! Gave me wonderful service!"- Nicole Busias, Naples FL 

  • 98 Chrysler Sebring- Jada
    "Brianna was super helpful and kind. Quick and easy. Very pleased with service and vehicle." -Jada Chupein, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 02 Dodge Ram Wagon- David
    "Good and helpful service and sales person" -David Peck, Cape Coral FL

  • 00 Ford Explorer- Richard
    "My uncle bought a used car from here before!" - Richard Cohee, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 02 Toyota Celica- Robert
    "Thank you!!" - Robert Ellis, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 05 Chrysler 300- Carmelo
    "Good service, Brianna was great!" - Carmelo Mora, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 03 Volkswagen Jetta- Isaiah
    "Great Service" -Isaiah Mathewson, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 96 Ford Taurus- John

    "Pleasant! They were helpful and willing to work with me!"- John Devore Jr., Port Charlotte FL 


  • 03 Dodge Durango- Sandra
    "These guys are awesome!!"- Sandra Gollaher, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 00 Nissan Maxima- Christina
    "Very friendly and helpful, would recommend to a friend!"- Christina Harkin, Punta Gorda FL  

  • 01 Dodge Durango- Bathsheba
    "Love the people here! They are all AMAZING! I have bought two cars from them and would buy MORE!" - Bathsheba Popovic, North Port FL

  • 00 Buick LeSabre- Donald
    "It's what I was looking for to replace a rusty Buick!" -Donald Lincoln, North Port FL

  • 02 Hyundai Santa Fe- Barbara
    "Great Service!" - Barbara Holmes, Punta Gorda FL

  • 00 Cadillac Deville- Curtis
    "Very kind sales person, they reasoned with me with the down payment. I was happy and comfortable to continue on purchasing the car!" - Curtis Bluitt, Punta Gorda FL

  • 03 Hyundai Santa Fe- Jennifer
    "You guys are awesome!" -Jennifer Pethtel, Port Charlotte FL

  • 03 Hyundai Santa Fe- Colleen
    "Very helpful and quick to complete sale!"- Colleen Borresen, Port Charlotte FL

  • 05 GMC Safari- David
    "My visit was very pleasurable and quick! Very good people to deal with!"- David Johnson, Port Charlotte FL

  • 99 Ford Taurus- Luis
    "Great selection, great service!" - Luis Ruiz, Port Charlotte FL

  • 02 Mitsubishi Galant- Michaella
    "Very nice and helpful!" -Michaella Anderson, Port Charlotte FL

  • 03 Buick Rendezvous- Vickie
    "Bought a car from you four years ago still going and buying another one from you again!" - Vickie Nelson, Port Charlotte FL

  • 02 Volkswagen Jetta- Bryan
    "They were very helpful and didn't hassle me to buy a car like most dealers. Highly recommend." -Bryan Finnegan, Punta Gorda FL

  • 97 Jeep Cherokee- Douglas
    "You guys were wonderful, you will have my business from now on" -Douglas Cline, Punta Gorda FL

  • 00 Ford Expedition- Misti
    "Brianna is very helpful! I got a great deal, highly recommend this car lot!" -Misti Wright, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 99 Nissan Maxima- Brianna
    "Service was great!"- Brianna Johnson, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 98 Chyrsler Town and Country- Charles
    "Had a problem with the battery and they gladly offered to replace it at no cost and threw in a free starter testing!" - Charles Fagundes, Port Charlotte FL

  • 03 Ford Mustang- Dean
    "Staff was very helpful, pleasant, and professional!!" Dean Baldwin, North Port FL

  • 02 Buick Rendezvous- Ashley
    "I wish I would have come here first!" - Ashley Liseo, North Port FL

  • 01 Hyundai Accent- Tammy
    "Staff extremely helpful" -Tammy Lane, Port Charlotte FL

  • 94 Mercury Grand Marquis- Gerald
    "Omar was very friendly and helpful! Great car for a great price, would definitely recommend to anyone!!!" -Gerald St John, Punta Gorda FL

  • 01 Hyundai Santa Fe- Colleen
    "Everyone was super nice and made the process quick and painless! Brianna was completely awesome!" -Colleen Tomas, North Port FL

  • 04 Hyundai Elantra- Shannen
    "Great place!!" -Shannen Swails, Sarasota FL

  • 03 Lincoln Aviator- Ashley
    "Everyone at Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here was so helpful and pleasant. I would recommend friends and family to you guys!!! Thank you!" Ashley Smith, Punta Gorda FL

  • 00 Chevrolet Camaro- Brandy
    "Like family here! Excellent!!!" -Brandy Roberts, Port Charlotte FL

  • 98 Jeep Cherokee- Ira
    "Very good deal and good people" - Ira Taylor, Punta Gorda FL

  • 07 Chrysler 300- Ernesto
    Ernesto Machado Santos, Port Charlotte FL

  • 96 Jeep Cherokee- Roy
    "Very Helpful!!" -Roy Vantassel, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 98 Chevrolet Malibu- Doug
    "Brianna did an excellent job!!!" - Doug Hamilton, Port Charlotte FL

  • 05 Nissan Altima- Kayla
    "So helpful! Wonderful customer service!! Will recommend to everyone!"- Kayla Powell, North Port FL

  • 99 Ford Explorer- Jeffrey
    "Treatment was excellent. Whole process was painless. Brianna is a wonderful experienced saleswoman." - Jeffrey Rumbold, North Port FL 

  • 01 Ford F-150- Patricia
    Came in and got what i wanted! Great service, awesome family, will keep coming back and refer to others!!! Amazing service and friendly memories! Thank you Omar and Dad! -Patricia Pettit, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 05 Chrysler 300- Robert
    Sales/Staff is well informed. Courteous, nonpushie! They answered all questions properly! - Robert Duff, North Port FL 

  • 01 Ford F-150- Jeffrey
    "Was a pleasure doing business with you. Very pleasant and honest people." - Jeffrey Zukowski, Spartanburg SC

  • 91 Honda Accord - Cory Long
    "Everybody was great here, second car, trade it!" - Cory Long, Punta Gorda, FL

  • 01 Volkwagen Passat - Andrew & Florence Zeoli
    "Very Helpful!" - Florence Zeoli, Punta Gorda, FL

  • 05 Chrysler 300- Tyrone
    "Kevin and Danielle are very nice to work with they make you feel welcome." -Tyrone Palmer, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 97 Buick Skylark - Walter
    Walter Mettler, Des Moines IA

  • 97 Honda Accord- Lonnie
    Lonnie Barber, North Port FL 

  • 98 Chevrolet Malibu - Patricia
    "Good sales support!" -Patricia Hunter, Port Charlotte FL

  • 99 Ford Expedition - Christopher
    "Was very patient and nice. It was a pleasurable experience. Very sweet and kind." -Christopher Cefaro, Cape Coral FL

  • 97 Jeep Cherokee- Cory
    "Everyone here was great, helpful, and friendly!" -Cory Long, Punta Gorda FL

  • 97 Chrysler Sebring - Lisa
    "You're The Best Ever!!" -Lisa Sorrels, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 02 Audi TT - Lorrie
    "Awesome experience , I have never had this type of service! I would Highly recommend this company. Very loyal, trustworthy, and great prices! Now they are family. Thank you for your patience and understanding!!" -Lorrie Smith, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 04 Ford Explorer - Jerry
    Jerry North, Fort Myers FL 

  • 00 BMW 528i - Rueben
    Thank You!! Great Service!!

  • 03 Hyundai Accent - Jessica
    "Very nice service, very nice sales girl!" -Jessica Martinez, Fort Myers FL 

  • 05 Nissan Altima
    This was the smoothest car purchase I've ever made, all thanks to the Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here Team! 

  • 98 Lexus E300 - William & Terry
    "Very knowledgeable and friendly people!" -William and Terry Jaeger, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 04 Jaguar X-type- Thomas
    "Very nice! Great service!"- Thomas Friscia, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 03 Honda Accord- Jennifer
    "Very nice, very helpful."- Jennifer Sandefur and Stephen White, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 96 Crown Vic- Leslie
    Leslie Nipper, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 01 Honda CR-V- Linda
    Linda De Cicco-Nichols, North Port FL 

  • 2000 Ford F-150 - Gina
    "Everyone was very helpful!! Kevin came right up to me to help me find a vehicle. I will recommend Punta Gorda Buy Here to friends, family, and people i don't know." - Gina Vigliotti, Port Charlotte FL

  • 96 Saturn S-Series- Annette
    "Keep Up The Good Job!!!" -Annette Walker, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue- Lorraine
    "Great Service!!" -Lorraine Rattai, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 2000 Mercedes M320-Luther
    "Very Good and helpful service" -Luther Dukes, Naples FL 

  • 99 Dodge Intrepid- Andrew
    Andrew Daniels, Port Charlotte FL 

  • 00 Chrysler Sebring- James
    "Very nice sales person and owner!" -James Bartleson, Punta Gorda FL

  • 05 Nissan Altima- Nancy
    "Always spectacular service!" -Nancy Bailon, North Port FL 

  • 07 G5- Matt
    "Very helpful! Made the process of getting a car very easy!" -Matthew Onyemaechi, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 00 Chrysler Concorde- Justin and Anita
    "Manager and seller worked with us and made every attempt to accommodate us and put my son and daughter-in-law in a nice, comfortable, and safe vehicle. We will be back in a few months to purchase a pick up truck!" -Justin Reynoso and Anita Borcher, Lehigh Acres FL 

  • 00 Lexus Es300- Peter
    "Great! Honest!" -Peter Cook, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 99 Chevy Blazer- Eslam
    "Very good dealer!" -Eslam Ghobashy, Punta Gorda FL 

  • 94 Mercury Sable- BJ

  • 02 Jaguar X-type- Gerald
    Service was excellent!

  • 02 Lexus GS300- Marjorie
    Excellent family service!

  • 04 Hyundai Santa Fe- Lori
    This is the 4th car I purchased here. Never have any problems. Excellent!

  • 03 Ford Escort- Brialle
    Very informative, knowledgeable when asked specific questions on multiple vehicles! 

  • 99 Jeep Cherokee- Kenneth

  • 06 Cadillac CTS-Allen
    Excellent sales experience! Quality!!!

  • 02 Chevy Tahoe-Christina

  • 03 Volkswagen Jetta- Kwasi
    Pleased with the service and the vehicle!

  • 97 Buick Skylark- Teresa

  • 96 Ford Ranger- Hunter

  • 98 Ford F-150- Lorne

  • 97 Jeep Cherokee- Robert

  • 97 Mercury Grand Marquis- Allen

  • 05 Hyundai Santa Fe- Ronald
    Very good!

  • 04 Mitsubishi Eclipse- Tiffany
    Great experience getting this car! Thank you!

  • 98 Dodge Grand Caravan- Pegan

  • 2004 Cadillac CTS- Brittany
    Excellent service! Will be back!!!

  • 02 Ford Expedition- Jim

  • 00 Ford Explorer- James
    My experience at Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here was excellent!

  • 98 Dodge Durango- Rob

  • 03 Jaguar X-type- Diego
    Nice folks, good deals. Shop here today!

  • 00 Saturn SL2- Mariah
    Very good customer service!

  • 02 Mercury Mountaineer- Chris
    Very helpful and polite.

  • 01 Chrysler PT Cruiser- Ann
    Very efficient, pleasant, and knowledgeable staff.

  • 96 Honda Del Sol- Humberto
    Great car!

  • 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue- Ramon
    Everything was good!

  • 99 Volkswagen New Beetle- Pamela
    Very pleased with service! Easy to work with! No pressure! Friendly!

  • 00 Chevrolet Blazer-Doug
    My experience at Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here was excellent.

  • 03 Chrysler 300m- Holly and Chris
    Thank you!

  • 03 Ford F-150- Dominic
    Thank you!

  • 04 Sebring- Angela
    Excellent service!

  • 07 Chevrolet Cobalt- Lori
    Excellent Service!

  • 00 Expedition- Brittany
    Very helpful and nice!

  • 02 Mitsubishi Galant- Rhea
    Very Friendly!

  • 98 Ford F-150- Katie
    Antar is an excellent salesman! The employees are awesome!

  • 98 Jeep Cherokee- Robert
    Fast, easy, helpful, and clean! I will be coming back!

  • 00 Expedition- Jeremy Barrus

  • 03 Sonata- Clyde
    Best car buying experience I have ever had! Family-owned. I test drove and bought two vehicles and will return if I ever need another vehicle. Thank you very much!

  • 98 Maxima- Tonya
    Very good costumer service as well as nice dependable vehicles. I would refer anybody to them to buy a vehicle!

  • 00 Sentra- Sylas
    Very good!

  • 00 Jetta- Edwin
    Polite and friendly service. Easy to deal with! Thanks!

  • 02 Mountaineer- Krystal
    Excellent service! Wonderful cars and great prices!

  • 98 Crown Vic- Peter
    Sales was great. No B/s. Good people!

  • 97 Infiniti- Shannon
    Nice car for the money. Helpful staff!

  • 02 Chevy Impala- Michael
    This is a great place to get a car from! 

  • 97 Chrysler Sebring- Kelly
    Very friendly and accommodating! Mechanic is very knowledgeable and helpful. Brianna was exceptionally helpful and Dad was too! 

  • 98 Cadillac Deville- Franki
    Brianna is the bomb!

  • 06 Dodge Caravan- Yanet
    Everything was good! The car runs great!

  • 99 Lexus Es300- Gary
    Nice, clean, affordable cars!

  • 00 Ford Explorer- Owayne
    They offered me a great deal and it is a great place to go!

  • 98 Honda Accord- Nathan
    Excellent Service!

  • 02 Dodge Ram- Gary
    You're Awesome!

  • 97 Saturn S-series- Daniel
    Great personality. Good people with integrity to get you on the road. They will stand by their products.

  • 97 Dodge Ram Van- Thorinena
    They're good!!

  • 01 Ford Expedition- Ashley
    Bought here before and I paid in full and I liked how I was treated last time.

  • 01 VW Jetta- Michaela
    Always wonderful coming here for anything!

  • 96 Ford Explorer- Demetria
    My experience with Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here was good. No problems in and out.

  • 99 Pontiac Sunfire- Carmela
    Fast, friendly service, and very patient with insurance company!

  • 00 Saturn- Jose
    Nice people, Very helpful! 

  • The positive testamonials were the deciding factor in stopping in to visit PG Motors in the first place.It was a pleasant car-buying experience with professional people. Omar and his associates made my purchase of a Grand Marquis very enjoyable...Thanks guys.

  • 98 tracker
    I purchased a 1998 Tracker from PG Used Cars and it was a great experience. My car is great and the service and professionalism from OMAR was impeccable. He was very helpful and honest. He does not promise something he can not deliver. He is very helpful with the little things that have taken place and very helpful in resolving them. I would definitely buy another car from them in a heartbeat.

  • I had the best experience!. The staff is very professional and the cars were well maintained.They listened to my needs and requirements and sold me an outstanding vehicle. ?Friendly place, good deals and great service after purchase. Bobby Tanner

  • 191,000 miles and still running strong...come see Omar at pg buy here pay here Shout out to upscale barbershop, the best barbershop in the world !!!

  • The best place ever!
    I have had a wonderful experience with Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here! I went in there under a huge amount of stress as my husband had left me with 4 kids and no car. They worked with me on my down payment in order to get me into a car. They were always concerned about me, making sure I was happy with the car, that I understood the payment arrangements, and very empathetic to my situation. Omar and Gerald are outstanding honest salesmen. There was no high pressure to purchase; in fact I was the one who had to have a car! I was so nervous and upset not having a car to get to work and take care of my children. Also, there was a small repair that needed to be done on the door handle, the part was ordered with great speed! They followed up with me, got me in and my door handle was fixed. I can't even stop there; I had no choice but to stay at the "shop" while my door handle got fixed with two of my littler ones. Omar was awesome with them. At times my littlest can be almost annoying with millions of questions! Omar answered each one, and seemed to genuinely enjoy my little ones. The other little one, decided to read to him her favorite Judy Moody Book and Omar made it seem to her that he was so interested in this book! :) Not to mention Tyson, we got to pet him, play with him, and of course ask many questions! I feel like they are not the typical buy here pay here places where they got you and can take advantage of you. They truly do not have to have the high sales tactics as their character with both Omar and Gerald speak for themselves. I feel like I'm almost part of the family now. Thank you Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here for a great car and the best family service ever! Carolyn

  • Amazing Place, Amazing People.
    My husband and I have bought a total of 3 Vehicles from Gerald and Omar over the past few years. They have always been friendly, knowledgeable and prompt with their service. I never see these two without a smile on their faces. The other guys that work there are just as fantastic. This place is fair, honest and provides great vehicles for very affordable prices. I won't go anywhere else, these guys have a customer for life.

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!!I came to Omar with no credit and $1500 cash and he was able to help my daughter get into a great car. He is very friendly and not pushy at all. He has the customers best interest in mind. He let us take the car for a test drive to check everything out before we purchased it. He answered all our questions and spent as much time as we needed with him. We spent 3 days deciding on the car and he helped us pick the perfect one for my daughter. Great place. Great service. Great price!

  • Mr. Andrew J. McDonald
    I have bought several cars from Omar at Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here. I am in an industry that I have to have a reliable vehicle. I drive several hundred miles weekly and absolutely need my vehicle to work. The first car I bought I drove over 100,000 miles myself! Omar and Gerald are a great team and have never let me down. Solid cars for the right price, solid service also. They have the right combination for the automotive business and I will continue to be a future customer! Sincerely, Andrew J. McDonald

  • Great customer service & great prices!!
    I recently traded in my suv for a car. Omar made my transition easy for me. I am very picky so he was able to find me a nice black infiniti in great condition. AC is very cold. Runs so smooth as if it was brand new. Low mileage. Interior is in good condition. I was beyond pleased. This is my first used car and I am very happy with it. They were able to set up a finance plan that I could afford. I definitely would come check them out if you are looking to buy a car!

  • 3 cars
    When they first opened for Business I purchased my first vehicle from Omar. He was extremely helpful and gave me a fair price on my trade in. a little after a year had passed I had a auto accident with that vehicle. After returning to Punta Gorda buy here pay here, they worked a great deal with me on two vehicles. I would buy again and again and highly recommend.

  •  My boyfriend and I have bought 3 cars through Gerald and Omar. All good vehicles at a good price. They sell solid used cars! Couldn't ask for more!

  • Thanks to Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here, I was able to purchase a car I really liked and that was affordable. I'm skeptical when it comes to buying cars, but they take the time to help and make it an easier experience.

  • My First Car
    I recently bought my first car and I couldn't have asked for a better car or a better price. I stopped by Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here and found a 1997 BMW 328i with 118k miles. Omar worked with me and my dad to sell the car to me at a price I could afford. My BMW runs perfectly and is clean inside and out. Shortly after buying my car, my family and I moved to Tennessee and we drove the car from Punta Gorda with no problems at all. I want to thank Omar for making my first car experience so great. I'll be back to buy my next car from you again when I go to college. Thanks again!!!

  • If your in need of a car, this is the place to go! They are friendly, will get you into a good car.

  • I bought my car from Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here about 3 years ago. It's an older Mountaineer but it runs great. The A/C blows wonderful. I never have any problems with it, but in the event I need services, I always go to Tysons Tires/ Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here and they take really good care of me. The customer service is great, and the people are very honest.

  • Purchased two quality used Autos from Mr. Hishmeh . Great customer service and price point too fit everyone's budget. With easy buy here pay here terms.  Lenny Dias

    I couldn't be more happy with the service and selection of cars at Punta Gorda Buy Here Pay Here. My Cadillac has been running like a gem since the day I bought it. Thanks for taking great care of me OMAR/GERALD.

  • More Than Satisfied
    I never had a good experience buying cars until I found Omar and the PG Buy Here Pay Here team. I was able to get the car I wanted at a price that no one else could beat. My Chrysler 300 is clean, reliable and running great and I didn't have to spend a fortune. I would recommend that if you are reading this and are looking for a nice car at a great price, do yourself and your wallet a favor and go see Omar in Punta Gorda.

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